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Wandering the streets of Mérida

C’est ici! Finally I get to show you what gorgeous, lively, colourful Mérida looks like. I’ve been anxious to show these pictures because Mérida is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Latin America.

What is truly wonderful about Mérida and makes it unlike any other place in the world is its culture. There’s always something happening somewhere. We were told about many of the cultural activities there are in Mérida by our taxi driver on our very last day here. He has been living in Mérida for a couple of years now, and he agrees that the cultural side of Mérida is its best side, and also its food.

He told us about how every park is set up for a free activity on a given day of the week, such as concerts, dancing, and serenades. The most popular activities are the danzón on the weekends, and the juego de pelota (ball game) every Friday. And when I say juego de pelota, that is the actual ball game that the ancient Mayans used to play in the giant courts with hoops that can be found in most of the ruins of Mexico, including Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan. I found this very surprising, I never thought this game might still be played anywhere.

Mérida was named the American Capital of Culture in the year 2000, and just like its rich culture it has a rich history that is displayed and explored through the city’s many museums and art galleries. What I found most interesting is that Mérida is built on top of the remains of an ancient Mayan city called T’ho, and many of its buildings are built out of the same rocks that once were part of its great pyramids. The city is 473 years old and it has become known for being one of the most peaceful cities in all of Latin America.

This photo story takes you on a short journey through downtown Mérida.

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