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Following the yellow brick road to Izamal

Izamal is a bright yellow town. It is one of the many beautiful towns of Yucatán, and like the rest of them, full of colour. But what makes it truly stand out from the rest is that every single building in this town is yellow. And not just any yellow. It’s the kind of bright yellow that’s warm to the eye. Not the one that blinds you, but the one that kind of makes you feel like you’re sunbathing on a beautiful beach somewhere, or standing under a beautiful sunset.

It is known as “the city of the hills” (la ciudad de los cerros) for the five huge Mayan pyramids in its territory. It has also been called “the city of the three cultures” (la ciudad de las tres culturas) due to the convergence of Mexico’s prehispanic, colonial, and contemporary heritage found in Izamal. In its very heart stands a franciscan convent looking over this beautiful place.

This photo story takes you on a walk amongst Izamal’s honey coloured streets.


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  2. vidishakaushik says

    Beautiful visuals. I really liked reading this blog post.
    Here’s hoping you’ll visit my blog too sometime. Regards. :)


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