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9 Mayan words to add to your vocabulary

I arrived in Chetumal yesterday night and it’s already starting to look like an amazing weekend. The first night in The Explorean hotel was a charm, and we were received by an awe-inspiring dinner under the Mayan sky.

Today we will be visiting three different locations, starting off the morning with some mountain bike which I am fearful and excited for at the same time. In the spirit of chasing adventures, it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

Before I leave to explore for the day, I leave you the 9 Mayan words you should add to your international repertoire:

  1. Biki (“Hello”)
  2. Kli’ol (“Enjoy”)
  3. Anat (“Please”)
  4. K’uchuk Walili’ (“Hasta la vista ;))
  5. Hats’uts (“Beautiful”)
  6. Koo’Ko’T’an (“Thank you”)
  7. Tistik a Talel (“Welcome”)
  8. Utsi-uts K’il (“Good morning”)
  9. Utsi-uts Tsaya (“Good luck”)

Away I go!


  1. Your experiences in Mexico sound truly amazing! It’s also great to see that you engage with the culture and the (not really anymore existing) language. Really makes the experience a special one. Keep enjoying :)


    • Hello Moritz! They really have been amazing, and I can’t wait to see more. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession for the Mayan world! You’ll be surprised to know that most families in Yucatán and a lot of people in Quintana Roo still speak Mayan as their mother tongue, something I’m really in awe of. It’s a very beautiful language, and should be preserved. And thank you, I sure am :)

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      • That’s really interesting indeed! The culture of the Maya is one of the most diverse and interesting to explore, so I’m sure you are doing it truly right :)

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