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Five months of blogging + five ways this travel blog changed me

Wow, it’s already been five months of blogging!  So many things have happened in between, so many new places and people, so many experiences… Wow! It feels like yesterday I was trying to figure out what to name this blog, and now we’re here, 5 months in and counting. I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write about for this milestone, and in the enormous brainstorming I did, I landed on the simplest yet most rewarding idea: 5 ways becoming a travel blogger has changed me so far.

And so I started thinking, and initially I thought it was going to be hard to come up with a list, but travel blogging has changed me in more ways than I’d realised:

1. Documenting my travels has increased my awareness. The way things look is different from before. Everything is increasingly vibrant, more alive in a way. There is also a lot more of everything. I’ve found, in the past few months, that I am more grounded in the present. I take a lot more of it in than I ever did before.

2. Photographing my experiences and the places I go has made me observant. A phrase that has become a regularity whenever I talk with someone about my travels and show them my photos is: “You have a great eye!” and I have my camera to thank for it, because although I’ve always love to capture moments in some way or another, it wasn’t until I got my camera that I stopped waiting for moments to happen and instead I started looking for them.

3. Writing about my journey has pushed me to take more risks, because I want to write about them. Adventure always involves some kind of risk. It doesn’t have to be dangerous, maybe it just means getting out of your comfort zone. The more I write for this blog, the more I want to tell you about the new things that I’ve found, seen, or tried and this has pushed me to be more daring in my travels.

4. Sharing my experience has made me more appreciative and grateful. One of the incredible things about having the opportunity to travel is that people love hearing about it, and I love storytelling. However, hearing about faraway places and travels sometimes makes people who can’t travel crave them badly. I see this constantly with the people I share my stories with, because they tell me they wish they could go too. But going away to travel is not easy. Knowing and realising this more and more as I tell stories, I am tremendously grateful that I get to do what I love doing most.

5. As a whole, it’s made me confident in myself. Because travel makes you realise that you are able, and that there are amazing things in the world for amazing people like you to explore. Because it gives you a unique way of thinking. Because it gives you a special glimmer in your eyes when you share it with the world and the people you love. I feel the happiest I have ever been, and above all, fulfilled.

And now, before I share this week’s photograph with you, I want to thank you; my readers and fellow globetrotters. This blog started as a personal project that has grown into a great site thanks to you. It’s amazing to see that my content is being read and enjoyed. I’ve received great feedback and have had a great response, along with a loyal following. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s Photo of the Week 20:


To five months of blogging, and beyond.

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