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Travel and Fashion: How to keep it trendy and practical on the road

DISCLOSURE: this post is a contest entry.

Travelling in style is not always simple, especially with limited options to dress as you normally would at home. But this doesn’t mean that you have to leave your style on the sidelines. Recently, I have been asked by friends and travellers what the best way to pack fashionably and practically is and I’ve come up with a few tips that you can use to dress your best and keep it practical at the same time on the road.

1. Pick a color scheme

I previously wrote about this tip on “Why you should always aim to pack in a carry-on, and how to actually do it”, and this is my top tip for anything packing-related of all time. I picked it up from a fashion blogger a couple of years ago, whose name I sadly cannot recall, and it goes hand-in-hand with tip #4. If you can match it all, you can mix it all, giving you a dozen different outfits to wear in a handful of items. Pick a colour scheme for your entire vacation’s clothing and stick to it, and get to mixing.

2. Bring a few statement accessories that you can pack easily to elevate your outfit

Ask any fashionista: accessories can either make or break your outfit, and most of the time, the simplest of looks can be taken to the next lever by adding a few simple touches with the help of small details like a belt, beanie or hat, glasses, scarf… You name it. Pick a couple to bring with you on your trip (that can be easily packed!) and pair them up with your outfit picks.

3. When picking shoes, don’t forget about comfort

Shoes are an important part of any outfit, but as a traveller, comfort is key when choosing the perfect footwear for your trip. You should never sacrifice the safety of a good pair of shoes for the way they look. Spend time looking for a pair (or several) that you really like and are comfortable, because grimacing in pain every time you walk = not a great thing. Also think practicality: how versatile are they for different activities? Lastly, make sure you can match them with pretty much everything in your packing list and save space by reducing the quantity of shoes you need to bring with you by having a pair that looks good with everything and that keeps your feet happy.

4. Choose pieces that you can mix and match in many ways

Side-by-side with tip #1, choose pieces that you can wear in many different ways, and that you can mix up and re-imagine easily. I always try to bring basic items in basic colours and prints that I can easily dress up or down and layer to create a whole new look. If you can do the same with prints, by all means! That’s the amazing thing about clothing, you can reinvent it to fit your style, and the perfect travel look.

In writing this post, I also came up with my top outfit picks for a fashion getaway to one of the world’s hottest fashion cities: New York, choosing items from Farfetch’s catalogue, and inspired by the city’s vibe, as perfectly described in Man Repeller‘s “What is New York Style?”:

But what makes the New York girl arguably (though, of course, not always) more compelling to observe is the city she occupies and how those coordinates have forced the definitive yet elusive factors that make her style just…so New York.

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