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Sundays in San Ángel

Over the last few weeks after finishing the past semester I’ve taken it upon myself to commit to a new challenge: exploring my own home city. It’s come to my attention that many of us don’t really appreciate where we’re from as much as we appreciate the places that we travel to. But I’ve tried to picture over and over how my city appears in the eyes of a traveller, and I’d like to learn to love it as more than a citizen.

The truth is Mexico City is a wonderful city. Perhaps it’s because of our political situation that we’ve become alienated from its wonders but I believe that if we open our eyes, we can see the glory that truly shines through this city’s history. Whenever I think about this, I always think about something my grandfather used to say: “When I was a little boy, Mexico City was Paris.” All you have to do is drive downtown to the Zócalo to see that this must have been true, but in a city so busy and crowded, it is easy to loose sight of its true essence. And so, my challenge is this: while I’m not travelling the rest of the world, I will become a traveller in my city.

My starting point, and perhaps what inspired me to take this step, was the neighbourhood of San Ángel. This colonia was once a rural pre-hispanic colony and has grown to become one of Mexico City’s most popular urban areas for visitors and locals alike, because of its markets, monuments, museums and historic buildings that have remained. This short photo story will take you on a late Sunday’s short walk through this beautiful colony.

Tell me about your favourite sights in San Ángel in a comment below!

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