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A note on writing a blog and being a college student

I am back.

The world is hard to keep up with. Oftentimes it can become overwhelming, and other times some tasks require more of our time than others. I can only wish to lead a nomadic life; for now, it is a dream. In the present moment I am building a career, learning, transitioning into adulthood. This does not mean that I cannot travel and write, but it means I cannot do it all the time.

Many travel writers and bloggers write about the many stages a traveller may go through: the solo stage, the one where you travel with friends, the time to settle for a bit, moments of stillness and moments of endless movement. But what happens when stillness becomes overcome by so-called “real life” responsibilities, if “real life” in the end is the one we build for ourselves?

Being able to travel is not a given, it does not come without hard work and effort, which is why I’ve chosen to pursue a career that will allow me to set out and explore the world; build a life for myself that gives me the opportunity to do this by my own means. This means studying, getting a job, saving. No, it’s not as easy as just going ahead and leaving to explore. It could be, maybe, but my plan is to build a life where travel becomes my reality, and work my means to achieve it. I don’t want a “work is my reality so I can travel on holiday” life. I want to be a nomad.

In building that career, I must admit I’ve been feeling quite lost this past month. I stopped writing, I grew distant and tired. Maybe it’s just a side effect from college, and maybe all students have been through this stage of feeling completely uninspired. It’s time to make it stop and get back to doing what I love most: writing and living an adventure.

This is my apology to you, my readers, for this month of no posting. Thank you for sticking around, and welcome back.

Adventures await!

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