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My top 10 sunsets of 2016

The year has begun and after a month of re-settling in my “normal” life and college after vacations, the months to come appear busy! Next semester I’ll be jetting off to the other side of the world to study abroad, and with that come plenty of new adventures. Until then, there’s still plenty of time to travel near home and write, write write.

Today, I want to dedicate a photo story to new beginnings. 2016 was a tough year, and who knows what 2017 will look like? Let’s hope it looks as bright as these sunsets.

  1. Istanbul, Turkeydsc_0539_copyright

  2. Florence, Italydsc_0654_copyright

  3. Izamál, Yucatándsc_1082_copyright

  4. Acapulco, Guerrerodsc_0903_copyright

  5. Osaka, Japandsc_0624_copyright

  6. Kyoto, Japandsc_0307_copyright

  7. Celestún, Yucatándsc_0692_copyright

  8. Acapulco, Guerrerodsc_0880_copyright

  9. Osaka, Japandsc_0608_copyright

  10. Los Cabos, Mexicodsc_0747_copyright

Seaside by the Aegean

Every living soul has a place on Earth that they long to step foot on one day more that anywhere else. I have a few, like Iceland or Patagonia. One of those places has always been Greece, something about its ancient mythology and beautiful shores beckons to me in a particularly special way. Maybe it’s the magic of its rich history, or the weight of Olympus in its atmosphere, but I’ve always known I have to go if only just once.

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Running Through Pompeii

Pompeii is a city buried in mysticism. Once on the skirts of the mighty Mount Vesuvius, the ruins of this once great city are now a popular attractions for tourists, travellers, historians, readers, artists… During the 7-day Mediterranean cruise that took me from Istanbul to Italy, we made a day-stop on the coasts of the Amalfi coast where I was able to explore three unique sites, and one of them was this incredible place for a few minutes.

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A flying sicilian town

“Spectacularly perched on the side of a mountain, Taormina is one of Sicily’s most popular summer destinations, a chi-chi resort town popular with holidaying high-rollers and those wanting a taste of Sicilian dolce vita.” Lonely Planet

Going off the beaten path can have many meanings for many travellers. For some it may, in a very literal sense, mean going somewhere off the books. For others, it could mean wandering without a plan. Or maybe, making your own plans separately from what’s already planned. Our 7-day Mediterranean cruise had many wonderful stops, but when we reached port on the Italian island of Sicily, we decided to take a one-hour bus ride to the nearby town Taormina instead of exploring the coast after hearing about its beauty.

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A note on writing a blog and being a college student

I am back.

The world is hard to keep up with. Oftentimes it can become overwhelming, and other times some tasks require more of our time than others. I can only wish to lead a nomadic life; for now, it is a dream. In the present moment I am building a career, learning, transitioning into adulthood. This does not mean that I cannot travel and write, but it means I cannot do it all the time.

Many travel writers and bloggers write about the many stages a traveller may go through: the solo stage, the one where you travel with friends, the time to settle for a bit, moments of stillness and moments of endless movement. But what happens when stillness becomes overcome by so-called “real life” responsibilities, if “real life” in the end is the one we build for ourselves?

Being able to travel is not a given, it does not come without hard work and effort, which is why I’ve chosen to pursue a career that will allow me to set out and explore the world; build a life for myself that gives me the opportunity to do this by my own means. This means studying, getting a job, saving. No, it’s not as easy as just going ahead and leaving to explore. It could be, maybe, but my plan is to build a life where travel becomes my reality, and work my means to achieve it. I don’t want a “work is my reality so I can travel on holiday” life. I want to be a nomad.

In building that career, I must admit I’ve been feeling quite lost this past month. I stopped writing, I grew distant and tired. Maybe it’s just a side effect from college, and maybe all students have been through this stage of feeling completely uninspired. It’s time to make it stop and get back to doing what I love most: writing and living an adventure.

This is my apology to you, my readers, for this month of no posting. Thank you for sticking around, and welcome back.

Adventures await!

Why everyone should visit Malta at least once in a lifetime

As travellers and nomads who go out to explore the world and discover it, I believe we can all agree on one universal fact: each place is as unique as its name. I can tell you all the reasons why every single city on my latest trip is different; from Istanbul to Mykonos, to Sicily and Catania, Rome, Venice and Florence, and of course, Malta. But something about Malta makes it stand out among this line-up: its unlikelihood.

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Where the continents collide

If you have ever been to Istanbul, then you know that it has one of the most breathtaking skylines in the world, if not the most beautiful one. There really is nothing like the way the mosques rise against the city and the sky.

Although I fell in love with pretty much everything about this city, the most beautiful moment I experienced while visiting Istanbul was a late-afternoon ferry ride on the Bosphorus. Europe on one side, Asia on the other. As we set out onto the waters of this iconic stretch, the muezzins filled the air with their voices, the sky turned pink then yellow and red, and the birds decorated the horizon with their silhouettes in flight.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a photo story, why not bring it back with the world’s most awe-inspiring city?

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53 reasons to fall in love with Istanbul

“Istanbul, a universal beauty where poet and archeologist, diplomat and merchant, princess and sailor, northerner and westerner screams with same admiration. The whole world thinks that this city is the most beautiful place on Earth.” Edmondo de Amicis

Every traveller has been faced with the question “what is your favourite place on Earth?” Typically, my answer consists of “I don’t have a favourite place”, or “I can’t choose.” There is just so much variety, so much beauty, so much culture and tradition and years of history to be discovered. And in between, there are so many differences that make one place incomparable to another; each is as unique and special as the other one.

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HOW-TO: Explore Amsterdam during your layover in Schipol Airport

Layovers are something no traveller likes running into. It means hours of waiting around, either trying to find something to do, or doing nothing at all. Especially when you have less than 12 hours as a layover, truly making something out of your layover can get difficult. But Schipol Airport has created a uniquely easy way for travellers to be able to take a train ride to Amsterdam and explore for a short time instead of waiting for their plane on an airport bench, and I am here to tell you all about it.

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People From The Road: Jerry with a J, the florentine lover, foodie Canadians and more stories from my first solo trip

This summer has been a ride. In total I’ve stepped foot on six countries and visited thirteen different cities. Sitting down to write has finally allowed me to reflect on this incredible adventure, one that is still hard to believe it was not a dream. Waiting at the airport gate for my flight home, I am filled with nostalgia that will surely stay present as I write more and more about the places I went to and the things I learned, until my next adventure.

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Sundays in San Ángel

Over the last few weeks after finishing the past semester I’ve taken it upon myself to commit to a new challenge: exploring my own home city. It’s come to my attention that many of us don’t really appreciate where we’re from as much as we appreciate the places that we travel to. But I’ve tried to picture over and over how my city appears in the eyes of a traveller, and I’d like to learn to love it as more than a citizen.

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Travel and Fashion: How to keep it trendy and practical on the road

DISCLOSURE: this post is a contest entry.

Travelling in style is not always simple, especially with limited options to dress as you normally would at home. But this doesn’t mean that you have to leave your style on the sidelines. Recently, I have been asked by friends and travellers what the best way to pack fashionably and practically is and I’ve come up with a few tips that you can use to dress your best and keep it practical at the same time on the road.

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