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A note on writing a blog and being a college student

I am back. The world is hard to keep up with. Oftentimes it can become overwhelming, and other times some tasks require more of our time than others. I can only wish to lead a nomadic life; for now, it is a dream. In the present moment I am building a career, learning, transitioning into adulthood. This does not mean that I cannot travel and write, but it means I cannot do it all the time. Many travel writers and bloggers write about the many stages a traveller may go through: the solo stage, the one where you travel with friends, the time to settle for a bit, moments of stillness and moments of endless movement. But what happens when stillness becomes overcome by so-called “real life” responsibilities, if “real life” in the end is the one we build for ourselves? Being able to travel is not a given, it does not come without hard work and effort, which is why I’ve chosen to pursue a career that will allow me to set out and explore …

9 Ways laser eye surgery will change my life as a traveller

The first thought that popped up in my mind when the lights turned on in the operating room was: ” Well, this is new. I’d gone from seeing blurry coloured shapes, to being able to read the time on the clock on the wall in the span of 15 minutes. It was unreal. After a lifetime of wearing glasses and contact lenses, my head was spinning at all the tiny differences in my new sight. I had laser eye surgery, finally. A dream come true! And now, the world truly looks a different way.

Welcoming 2016 under Mayan skies

It hardly seems like another year has gone by, I can barely believe it. But the more I think about it, the more I see the changes in myself and those around me, in what my life looks like right now. Perhaps most relevant is that at the start of 2015 I never saw myself blogging. Although this blog is pretty new, I’ve been blogging since early November, managing and editing and writing for a group blog with fellow students on The Poetry of Earth. I will not lie to you, it’s been hard to keep up sometimes. I’d never been able to create a habit out of writing, and when the project started I didn’t think about how much work it would be to both write my own posts, and translate and edit my writers’ posts. I have learned so much in this short time, but perhaps the most important lesson of all has been a lesson in passion.

The journey begins

Wanderlust is a familiar feeling for millions of people worldwide. For me, it is all about the desire to keep moving and exploring. My greatest fear is being stuck working in an office in a job that I hate. Still, being 19 years old means that – for now, I am grounded at home while I get my degree. It also means that I am still partly dependant on my parents. The great thing about this is that I get to travel with my family all over the world, in preparation for the years to come and my own solo journey one day. In a few days I will get my very own camera and so… the journey begins.