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Why everyone should visit Malta at least once in a lifetime

As travellers and nomads who go out to explore the world and discover it, I believe we can all agree on one universal fact: each place is as unique as its name. I can tell you all the reasons why every single city on my latest trip is different; from Istanbul to Mykonos, to Sicily and Catania, Rome, Venice and Florence, and of course, Malta. But something about Malta makes it stand out among this line-up: its unlikelihood.

Where the continents collide

If you have ever been to Istanbul, then you know that it has one of the most breathtaking skylines in the world, if not the most beautiful one. There really is nothing like the way the mosques rise against the city and the sky. Although I fell in love with pretty much everything about this city, the most beautiful moment I experienced while visiting Istanbul was a late-afternoon ferry ride on the Bosphorus. Europe on one side, Asia on the other. As we set out onto the waters of this iconic stretch, the muezzins filled the air with their voices, the sky turned pink then yellow and red, and the birds decorated the horizon with their silhouettes in flight. It’s been a while since I’ve done a photo story, why not bring it back with the world’s most awe-inspiring city?

53 reasons to fall in love with Istanbul

“Istanbul, a universal beauty where poet and archeologist, diplomat and merchant, princess and sailor, northerner and westerner screams with same admiration. The whole world thinks that this city is the most beautiful place on Earth.” Edmondo de Amicis Every traveller has been faced with the question “what is your favourite place on Earth?” Typically, my answer consists of “I don’t have a favourite place”, or “I can’t choose.” There is just so much variety, so much beauty, so much culture and tradition and years of history to be discovered. And in between, there are so many differences that make one place incomparable to another; each is as unique and special as the other one.

HOW-TO: Explore Amsterdam during your layover in Schipol Airport

Layovers are something no traveller likes running into. It means hours of waiting around, either trying to find something to do, or doing nothing at all. Especially when you have less than 12 hours as a layover, truly making something out of your layover can get difficult. But Schipol Airport has created a uniquely easy way for travellers to be able to take a train ride to Amsterdam and explore for a short time instead of waiting for their plane on an airport bench, and I am here to tell you all about it.

People From The Road: Jerry with a J, the florentine lover, foodie Canadians and more stories from my first solo trip

This summer has been a ride. In total I’ve stepped foot on six countries and visited thirteen different cities. Sitting down to write has finally allowed me to reflect on this incredible adventure, one that is still hard to believe it was not a dream. Waiting at the airport gate for my flight home, I am filled with nostalgia that will surely stay present as I write more and more about the places I went to and the things I learned, until my next adventure.