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Fernanda Was Here is starting out and is quickly gathering a loyal readership and community that grows day by day. It is a travel blog geared mainly towards story telling, focusing on inspiring readers to travel and go to amazing places through photography, travel hacks, and writing. It also aims to aid readers to make their travels as efficient and enjoyable as possible, through the best travel tips and the best locations to visit. The experiences and activities documented on this blog range from backpacking to luxury travel.

Fernanda Was Here receives an average of 650 views per month.


Partnerships are an effective way to promote your product, destination, activity, tour, location, etc. There are many ways to work a partnership (blog post, review, giveaway…) and I work partnerships through the blog and through social media. All sponsored content will include a disclosure.

Advertising and Sponsored Posts

Banner, widget and text ads are available in different sizes and rates at Fernanda Was Here  and they are priced on a monthly basis. All advertising must be of interest to the readers of this blog and as such it should be directed at travellers, tourists, photographers, etc.

App and Product Reviews

I have previously worked with GPSMyCity to review and promote their app through a giveaway and I would love to review your app or product! Just like advertising, it should be aimed at the readers of this blog (travellers).

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